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Custom Insights in Signal

I recently wrote about how we’ve added more insights in Signal, our user-level financial intelligence engine that helps clients deliver personalised services. But we don’t want clients to be limited by what we dream up, we want them to have full flexibility to customise and build on the platform. To do this, we’ve developed Custom Insights.

Meet “Customer Characteristics” - new insights rolling out on the Bud platform

A few months ago we launched a groundbreaking new piece of technology within the Bud platform. We called it Signal, a user-level financial intelligence engine that helps clients deliver personalised services with transaction data.

Beyond Regulation: The case for Open Banking in Buy Now, Pay Later

Regulation is coming. We know that and yet even if that weren’t true, the case for deploying Open Banking tech as a Buy Now, Pay Later provider is compelling. It is a case with three key components - Fraud prevention, risk mitigation, and opportunity cost.

Buy now, pay later, affordability and the path to regulation

It's been more than 6 months since the HM treasury promised regulation for the BNPL sector. Here's how we think that will shape up and how Open Banking can help BNPL providers comply without breaking their UX.

The £900m opportunity unlocked by Open Banking coming in October

The October price cap rise for electricity and gas will make it easy for those with access to transaction data to identify customers on basic utility tariffs and will provide the impetus for switching.

Open Banking for affordability: The 4 key components of a successful implementation

Bud has been hard at work delivering affordability solutions to some of the world's leading banks this past year. Each client is unique but there have been a number of common factors that consistently affected the speed and success of the project. Successful projects had a clear business case driven by a well-defined problem, a focus on user experience, a pragmatic roadmap, and clear stakeholder alignment.

Beyond Open Banking 2021: Navigating the post-pandemic landscape

Open Banking and the transaction dataset that it unlocks, present solutions tailor-made to address the problems created by the pandemic. In this year’s Beyond Open Banking report, we explore the hows and whys of that solution. 

Bud named a “Leader” in The Forrester New Wave: Open Banking Intermediaries, Q1 2021 Report

In Forrester's first wave report into the Open Banking Space, Bud has been named a leader with "differentiated" value-added services and more.

How we’re working with ANZ in New Zealand to increase transparency and streamline the lending process.

We're delighted to be able to announce that ANZ has chosen to partner with Bud to increase transparency and streamline its lending processes.

The latest FCA consultation and how it could revolutionise Open Banking.

The latest consultation paper from the FCA contained a proposal to scrap the 90-day re-authentication limit on Open Banking connections. This would be a game-changer for the sector and Fintechs should come together to ensure a strong representation in the process.

How we're working with Dozens to help people save and invest

Dozens has selected Bud to help turn Open Banking into a customer acquisition channel and to help its customers save and invest more efficiently.

How we're working with Winston to help people buy their first home

Young businesses can innovate at pace and focus on specific problems. This is the first in a series of posts looking at some of the smaller, innovative companies we're working with and how they're using Open Banking to solve important problems.

Standing orders are now available through our Payments product

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working to add some really exciting new features to our Payments product. We’re now ready to ship the first of these - Standing Orders.

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