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Beyond Banks: Announcing our portal for SMEs and fintechs

Everything we do at Bud is about helping people to get where they want to in life and we’ve spent the last 2 years working almost exclusively with big financial institutions because that is ...

Insights from Podcast #6: Working parents and their relationships with money


Bud and GoCompare to enable energy switching in bank apps.

Here’s what it means for financial service providers and their customers.

An introduction to the Bud platform

Since announcing our first partnership with HSBC and first direct more than a year ago, it’s been our intention to make the Bud platform as widely available as possible.

Why building societies are the sleeping giants of open banking.

Open Banking represents a huge opportunity for building societies. From improving the effectiveness of lending through automation to providing the technical capability that underpins radical...

What is Rent Recognition, and how does it work?

Unlock credit for tenants by combining our rent finder, landlord verification and rent profile services with approved credit reference partners.

What’s next for Open Banking? 7 learnings from Money 20/20

This year’s conference provided a lot of talking points around the future of finance and how open banking is set to evolve. Here are a few key takeaways, as selected by our team.

Meet the citizens of the experience economy

In exploring the relationships between young people and their money, our Futureproof report identified five personality types that have evolved in response to today’s financial reality.

96% of young adults are worried about their finances

Futureproof, a brand new report and podcast from Bud, explores the complex relationships between young people and their money as they search for financial confidence

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